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A stablecoin 100% backed by physical, audited diamonds, listed on top exchanges and serving as a gateway between them.


The diamDEXX wallet, where users can exchange and purchase DIAM using cryptocurrencies.


Our diamantaire platform, where users will be able to redeem their DIAM in exchange for physical diamonds and enjoy manufacturer price.

The Process

6 easy steps to buy and to use DIAM:

Open an account
Select your coin
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • USDT
  • TUSD
  • USDC
  • PAX
  • BNB
  • or
Convert to DIAM
We'll add the equivalent of your purchase's worth of physical diamonds to one of our audited vaults.
Avoid volatility and keep your investment secure.
Cash out
  • Diamdrop
  • Buy physical diamonds at a discount price from a manufacturer.
  • Use DIAM to trade in listed exchanges.

What is DIAM

The new era in crypto market technology

Our Vault

We store our diamonds in 5 Tax-Free Zones, where they’re audited by IDEX, and regulated by local authorities. The diamDEXX platform then connects them to 7,000 different diamond manufacturers offering 800,000 fully-certified stones.

Through this ecosystem, we facilitate a system where diamonds are used as a collateral to make DIAM perfectly liquid. Our users then become free from external, systematic, or internal restrictions, allowing them to access financial freedom with ease.

Free trade zone

One DIAM will always equal 1 US Dollar through our dynamic smart-vault system, and users will always be able to convert their DIAM back to USD. DIAM will also be used as a payment method both on our platform and our partners’, while accepting no intermediaries. DIAM will always be transacted from user to user only!

Price Consistency in a Nutshell

Thanks to our smart-vault system, we are able to keep 1 DIAM at $1. To do it, we’ve designed a smart-contract that automatically adjusts the number of diamonds in our vaults in the following situations:

-The market price of diamonds goes up, or
-The market price of diamonds goes down.

When diamonds’ price goes up, we will adjust our vaults by reducing the number of diamonds on them, and/or issuing more tokens.

And, when/if the price decreases, we will burn tokens and/or buy new diamonds to ensure our currency’s stability.

Why Diamonds

Diamonds have proven their security aspect for investment purposes. They offer protection against credit risks of centralized financial institutions and banks, currency fluctuations, inflation and socio-economic variables.

Observed long term
Certified diamond
and security
Liquidity on

The Platform

Our platform is 100% dedicated to providing safe, and easy accessibility to DIAM to all our users, and offers any individual the ability to purchase DIAM at any time. Our user friendly interface will allow you to keep your DIAM on your auto-created web wallet or if you prefer, you can use your own already existing ERC-20 wallet.




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Cash out with physical
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Cash out by exchange

About Us

diamDEXX was created to establish a new standard of Value in the crypto world.

We believe in achieving great results by innovating and consistently doing what’s best for our users.
To do this, we’ve created the first 100% consistent coin; a stable asset backed by the most consistent assets in the world.
We call this concept ‘coinsistency’, and we proud ourselves on applying it to every aspect of our business!

In motion since 2018, we believe in borderless, truly valuable money, backed by redeemable assets. To achieve this mission, we offer three products to the public:

diamDEXX image


A consistent currency perfectly pegged to the price of 1 USD, backed by $150 million worth of diamonds.

diamDEXX image


Our manufacturer-to-customer diamond retail platform, where users can redeem their DIAM’s worth of physical diamonds at a discount

diamDEXX image


An ERC-20 wallet that can hold a variety of coins and tokens, and the first place where users can acquire DIAM.

All of our assets are completely certified, transparent, audited, and backed by powerful algorithms and smart contracts.

We believe in the power of currency done the right way to further crypto adoption.

Our Partners

Our partners are our most prized asset. We are proud of the relationships we have built with them.

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Our Team

Diamonds are precious, our team members are too!